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The Baron's Daughter A Two-Act Play

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"The Baron's Daughter is a play about mystery, a villain, values, honesty, relationships, romance, and laughter. Visit the West and see how life is lived out on the Ranch, and how one Baron's Daughter can turn everyone's head and thoughts to what is right and just." Susie P

"I was a cast member of The Baron's Daughter in 2009. It's a lively, cowboy-themed production full of action and a hoedown or three!
" Sabrina S

"Being part of the Barons' Daughter was a great experience. The story transports you to a time of struggles and adventures with cowboys, romance, and an underlying positive theme that sums it all up in the end. Being involved in such a story was an honor." Travis B

"The Baron's Daughter is the quintessential western play. It is full of comedy, action, fighting, dancing and adventure that one expects when going to see a play about the wild wild west." Shem H
      • A story of faith
      • A town working together for good 
      • Showing love even when it's difficult
      • Humorous characters
      • A fun, lively cowboy tale
      • Everybody loves a good western!


ACT I: Scene 1

Setting: LIGHTS come up to Bartholomew standing on a wooden box preaching. Townspeople are gathered around. Like a town meeting, the lines should be said quickly—fast paced scene.

BARTHOLOMEW: (fervent) The Word of the Lord will not return void. No matter where God sends you, when you proclaim the Good News, it will not come back empty. That's a promise you can count on, my good friends.

CHARLIE: Preach it, Parson.

BARTHOLOMEW: God is working among us, opening new doors. Just look around. Our fellowship is growing stronger, but one important ingredient is missing.

VICTORIA: A theater. That's what we need. I've been saying so for years.

MISTY: Or a social club. We could have parties and basket socials and—

LUCY MAY: Dances! (giggle/snort)

BOBBY JO: I reckon that's not what Preacher Bartholomew has in mind, ladies.
BARTHOLOMEW: No, not quite. (loosen collar) I've mentioned a special need to you before when I've passed through these parts, and today, God has once again placed a burden on my heart.

EZEKIEL: (can't hear well) A tart? Eh? Miss Bobby Jo makes the best pastries in all Miles Gap.

BENJAMIN: Not tart, Mr. Ezekiel, heart.

EZEKIEL: Oh, yeah. That one is smart. (nod)

BENJAMIN: Yes, Mr. Ezekiel. (pat his shoulder) Let's listen now.

EZEKIEL: Huh? Can't hear with this bum ear.

PRUDENCE: Quiet over there, old man, so's we can hear the Parson.

EZEKIEL: Who you calling cold? I ain't as cold as you.

PRUDENCE: I'll hit you with my cane! (shake it)

VICTORIA: Gran! (stop her from hitting Ezekiel)

JEB: Say, Parson, you mulling over the notion of a church building again?

The citizens of Miles Gap want land for a church, but greedy Baron Von Zandenberg refuses to sell any of his property. When Jeb Donovan, local cowboy and town hero, tries convincing the Baron it's the right thing to do, he finds himself smack-dab in a good ole western fistfight with the Baron's ruffians. All hope for a church seems lost . . . until Cassandra, the Baron's daughter, returns to Miles Gap. Then anything could happen--including love.

18 Cast Members

Male Characters:

  • Jeb Donovan
  • Corky Renicker
  • Baron Von Zandenberg
  • Bartholomew Johnston
  • Arthur Wainwright
  • Benjamin Donovan
  • Charlie Edwards
  • Ezekiel Jacobs
  • Toby Miller

Female Characters:

  • Cassandra Von Zandenberg
  • Bobby Jo Thomas
  • Misty Caine
  • Priscilla Pumpernickle
  • Lucy May Felding
  • Victoria Carter
  • Maggie Edwards
  • Lilly Murphy
  • Prudence Carter

This is a full-length stage play.
Approx. 2 1/4 hours

Recommended for...
High School
Junior High
Youth Group
youth theater
Young Adult Theater

The Baron's Daughter A Two-Act Play

Full Synopsis:

Preacher Bartholomew and the townspeople have their hopes set on convincing Baron Von Zandenberg to sell--or give--them land for a church. Jeb Donovan, local cowpoke, is chosen to represent the town. When he and sidekick, Corky Renicker, pay the Baron a visit, things turn ugly. They're kicked off the Big V, with bruises to show for it.

Corky says he'll never step foot on the Baron's land.

Jeb is determined to try again.

Grumbles erupt in town over the Baron's treatment of the men--and his greedy, selfish ways with Miles Gap.

No one can figure out a solution. Maybe they'll never get to have a church building, after all.

In the midst of turmoil, the Baron's pride and joy, daughter Cassandra, returns home from finishing school.

The menfolk in town are dazzled by Cassandra's beauty--especially Jeb. The young ladies are envious of her lovely dresses and charm. But one woman, Bobby Jo, sees beyond all the disagreements with the Von Zandenbergs and reaches out to Cassandra, showing her true friendship and God's love.

Will Miles Gap be able to get land for a church? Can the Parson convince the Baron to help the community? Or will it take the Baron's daughter to find a way to change her father's mind?

The Baron's Daughter  A Two-Act Play

The Baron's Daughter A Two-Act Play

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